Halibut Fishing Lures

Fish Deep and Reel Them In using Mega Bite Jigs

Are you going out for some bottom fishing and want to reel in a nice fish? Mega Bite Jigs by Lighthouse Lures are designed to attract your favorite kinds of bottom fish like rockfish, lingcod, halibut, snapper and all types of predator fish. Ours lures come in a wide variety of colors and sizes so you can select the one designed to lure the species and size you are looking for. A lead weight, hook, and a brightly-colored molded bait fish duplicate the motion of the favorite snacks that attract the attention of your target fish.

Halibut Fishing with Swim Baits

How big a mouth are you hoping for? Our Mega Bite Jigs go up to 24 oz. and are ready to dance their way down to the rocks and wiggle just like the real thing as you reel the line back up. Their UV or glow material lets the lure glow even at full depth. They can drop up to 400 feet and the tails are reinforced with mesh, so they can stand up to multiple bites. At up nine inches long, they have the size that matches the prey fish otherwise offered.

Swimbaits that Sparkle in the Depths off the Coast of Alaska all the way to California

The difference between our Halibut fishing lures and the competition is our durability that gives your Mega Bite Jigs even more strengh and life. We are located in Vancouver, B.C.. and have been fishing off the coast in the North Pacific Ocean for many years. We have developed our halibut fishing lures to survive in the harsh ocean conditions and withstand multiple attacks so you get to fill up your cooler every time that you head out for a day of fishing with your friends.