Lingcod Fishing Lures

Use Durable Swimbaits for Lingcod for a Successful Day Trip

How do you get that hefty lingcod out of the rocks and biting on your line? Lighthouse Lures delivers a wide selection of lingcod fishing lures designed specifically to grab the attention of a lazy fish and send them chasing after your swimbait. Our designers employ a variety of materials that catch the minimal light found in rocky bottoms and then amp up the fun extremely durable material and hooks guaranteed to give your lure that durability to keep the fish on your line.

Our Lingcod Fishing Lures Draw in the Big Fish Fast

Our shop is filled with spoons, shiny jigs, fluttering squid, and swimbaits for lingcod. Check out our Offshore Bottom Fish Sample Set that features a mix of our Mega Bite lures, Max Shad swim baits , jigs, and replacement heads so you can find the right mix of weight, color, and motion you want for the waters you are visiting. Once you find the perfect combination, you will be reeling in a nice lingcod, rockfish or halibut on a more consistent basis.

Designed to Grab the Attention of North Pacific Fish

Motion is what first captures the attention of a hungry rockfish, which our lures deliver as they sink. Once you begin reeling them in, the natural swimming motion draws that big fish out for dinner and the game is on! Many of our lures include UV materials that glow in the dark depths. With a variety of colours available you can change your swimbait and see if a different color gets you the bite for which you are hunting.

Do you need a certain size? Lighthouse Lures has swimbaits from 1oz all the way to 24oz. We ship around the world and are happy to provide any help you might need to select the perfect Mega Bite or Max Shad Swim Bait.

Our Favourite Lingcod Lures