Lingcod Jigs

Our LED Electronic Fishing Lures Add Light and Action for Success

It can be dark hundreds of feet below the ocean's surface. How will your rockfish, halibut, or lingcod find your hook in the vast watery expanse? At Lighthouse Lures, we have created lingcod jigs and halibut jigs that include LED fishing lights so those big fish are guaranteed to see and are more tempted to bite your lure. Our Electronic squid lures and hoochies are available between 4.5" to 9". Lots of different sizes and colours to choose from.

Browse Our Electronic Lingcod Jigs to get the right Lure for Reeling in that Epic Fish

Our electronic fishing lures use LED lights as well as UV and Glow materials that glow when the sunlight is left behind at the surface. When you are fishing up to 400 ft. deep, you need to be thinking like a lingcod or rock fish that lingers among the rocks and seaweed far below in the depths. Lingcod jigs will snare their attention and help to fill up your cooler.

What else do our lures do to get noticed?

It isn't all about lights and motion with our fishing lures. We also add scent to further improve your chances of hooking your catch. We have combination packs loaded with a sample of every size and color, so you can find the one lingcod jig that seems to work best for the waters that you fish. Our lures are created with halibut, salmon, lingcod, and all species of Rockfish in mind, so if you are fishing the North Pacific, you can buy with confidence.