Official BC Outdoors Sport Fishing Custom Teaser Head. The Lighthouse Lures Rigged Anchovy Bait Holder has a VMC #2 treble hook and a VMC 4/0 Octopus Beak stinger hook. It comes with Sufix 84 inch 40b test leader line. It is ideal to roll anchovies, herring or plastic baits from 4.5 to 6 inches in length. 3 toothpicks are included in each pack to secure the line. A variety of great colours are available. Partial proceeds to the Pacific Salmon Foundation.
Available in the following colours:
	Green Glow
	UV Clear Blue
	Army Truck Glow
	BC Outdoors Sport Fishing Custom
	Black Green Glow
	Black Green Chrome
	UV Clear Purple Haze
	Bloody Nose
	UV Clear
	Black Chrome Red
	UV Clear Purple Stripe
	UV Clear Pink Stripe
	Green and Chartreuse Glow
	Green Orange Glow
	Green Spatterback Glow
	Chrome Purple Black
	Glow Peanut Butter
	Clear Blue Scale
	Glow Pearl
	Blue Green

Rigged Anchovy Bait Holder – BC Outdoors Sport Fishing Custom