Salmon Fishing Lures

Catch the Big One with Our Salmon Trolling Spoons

The next time you are taking a day trip with your buddies for some serious fishing, put some Big Eye salmon trolling spoons in your tackle box. At Lighthouse Lures, we bring the latest technology to the time-tested enjoyment of fishing. Yes, your salmon fishing lures will sink, dance, and swim, but with a Lighthouse Lure it also brings an added level of sparkle or glow to the game, just like the small fish that the salmon are hunting in the North Pacific Ocean. Big Eye Spoons are available in 18 assorted colours.

LED Salmon Fishing Lures Reel in Success on Dark and Rainy Days

We add an embedded LED light to our salmon hoochie lures. Even on cloudy days when the water is extra murky and gray, these lights will flash and grab the attention of a hungry salmon. You get more bites more often, which increases your chances of bringing that trophy fish worthy of a good story. Can't decide which one is right for you? Order a sample pack and use them all. LED Hoochie Lures come in 8 different colours

Big Eye Salmon Spoons with a Difference

As any experienced fisherman knows, not every location of the coastal waters have the same small fish swimming around. That is why our Big Eye salmon spoons come in a full rainbow of colors, so you are able to better match the existing bait fish that salmon prefer. All spoons have either glow or UV properties. Find the right one in sizes starting at 3" inch and running up to 5".

While Lighthouse Lures are based out of B.C.., we ship around the world. Our lures are ready to take you and your buddies on a memorable fishing expedition off the coast of Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington state or even as far as Florida. Can't wait for shipping? Lighthouse Lures are also available at many sport fishing retailers and on Amazon.